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 Valens, Trever

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Trever Valens
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Trever Valens

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PostSubject: Valens, Trever   Mon Apr 02, 2012 11:20 pm

Application of Valens, Trever*


Name: Trever Conrad Valens

Gender: Male

Day of Birth: March 5th

Age: 18

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 185

Class: 4A/B


Casual Appearance: An extremely attractive young man, Trever has straight long black hair that goes to his shoulders, and dark grey/blue eyes with very slightly tanned skin. He's built like an average young male with just the perfect amount of muscle to help him attract all the ladies. He has a lot of hidden strength that makes many kids stay away and try not to get in his way, regardless of his somewhat of average build. Trever tends to follow the dress code on a good day, but if he's feeling daring or just around the house or in town, the young man can be seen sporting a very American style. Usually a dark grey wife beater, baggy jeans, a trucker cap, and black boots. No matter what, uniform or beater, Trever never removes the dog tags from his 'military days' in the United States.


Personality: Trever’s a really friendly and loving guy at heart, but there’s one fine line with him that you should never try to cross. Don’t piss him off. Trever’s known for his patience and he’s very forgiving usually. If he or someone he cherishes is being threatened, chances are that the offender isn’t getting out of it without something being lost. Besides being protective, Trever also has a history of being very possessive and territorial. Because of this he’s also a little bit of a control freak over those he does conquer in battle. To friends and most strangers though, Trever has the kindest and most giving personalities one could ever encounter. But some “friends” aren't as fortunate. Trever respects only a select few that really prove their worth as a friend to him. Everyone else gets the shaft. If they're female, then this is a quite literal statement. Trever can also be quite lazy at times and typically he has this simple 'I don't give a crap' attitude most times in the day, unless someone gets all up in his face. Trever is almost always willing to fight.

Likes: Women, being praised, MMA Fighting, manly contact sports, driving, showing off, video games, rap music, animals and nature

Dislikes: Cooking, vegetables, obnoxiously 'flamboyant' men, other show offy straight men, people that think they are better than him, learning

Fears: Being seen as vulnerable or weak at any time, losing the respect of others, commitment, ever having to admit he's wrong, losing (both in general and losing people he cares about)


Family: Travis Valens (Father, Missing), Elaina Valens (Mother, Deceased), Kisala Valens (Sister)

Hometown: Born on Long Island, New York

Past: Trever Conrad Valens was born in the United States of America, March 5th, about 18 years ago. In his younger years, Trever was a very troubled child. For such a miserable kid, it was a shock that his home life was near perfect. He had a lovely mom, a strong dad who had an amazing job, and a wonderful older sister. He was born and raised in the simple suburbs of New York, only 30-40 minutes away from New York City itself. His father worked in the city, since he was the head honcho of this nice thing that was based there(it was always kind of unknown to Trever what he did really because no one talked about it), so it was easy to say that Trever and his sister had everything they'd ever need at home. The house itself was obviously nice also. But it wasn't those obnoxiously rich homes that were huge and had maids and butlers at every corner. Infact, valuing family meant a lot in the household so they really didn't have any kind of nanny at any point. Mom stayed home all day long and dad was home rather early so there was no need to have any kind of substitute.

Home life in other words was more than perfect, but evidently, Trever's problems had to come from somewhere. That somewhere was his school. The kids weren't very nice to him, none of them were. He didn’t get a long with any of them and he had not even one friend to help him out. It was no wonder that he'd come home everyday and not say a word to any of his family until dinner time. Since this had gone on for forever, all of his family just thought that that was the way he was and had no problem with it. Trever rode his bike to and from school every day so his family never really caught word of the abuse. At parent teacher meetings, every teacher he ever had from Kindergarten to the 5th Grade never said anything about how kids picked on their son, fearing the wrath of the actually very understanding Mr. Valens. Parents were clueless and teachers were to scared to say anything. This situation was going to give at some point and it finally did by the start of 6th Grade, once he was now in the middle school that wasn’t too far from his home yet was abit farther from the house than the elementary school was. On the first day of school that year, his father had driven him to school before he had to go to work. Mr. Valens had decided that he would just start driving him everyday since he did have the time at this point, also the high school that his sister was attending was in the same building so obviously he found it necessary in order to get both of his kids safely to school each day.

To say the least, middle school was going to be no different from his previous years. No one was nice to him and no one helped him. High school and middle school were all in one building but they remained separate until around lunch time since both cafeterias were in the same hallway. For the first few days, he wouldn't pass his sister there but after that first week, she could be seen chatting with friends. And that first day he saw her would pretty much begin a new age for him, though he did not realize it at the time. Trever witnessed a guy coming up behind her who first was being obnoxious. She would brush him off and continue walking, by the time Trever was within 15 feet of her, the guy was beginning to touch her in ways he did not like at all. 5 feet later, grabbed her at her hips and sooner than Trever could blink again, his sister had the jerk on the ground, rolling in pain as he grabbed one of his arms. A lot of people, high and middle school were gathered at this point, no teacher in sight for now. And to put it short, the guy got back up, tried hitting her but she kicked the crap out of him from there and didn't stop until she was yanked back by two teachers. Trever was astonished and horrified at the same time as his sister was dragged back to the high school wing by both teachers, she showed no resistance towards the teachers and half way down she got up on her own and walked calmly with them. Another teacher broke up the group a bit and then tried to help the beaten boy up. Trever watched him struggle a bit before continuing to lunch. The whole lunch period, kids approached him asking if that was his sister kicking that guys ass, he would nod and then watch as the group would look horrified at each other then sneak away as if Trever was capable of that also. He was not but he began to wonder how his sister was. She seemed trained in what she was doing rather than just fiendishly clawing at that one guy like any other girl here would do to another.

His father drove him home that day but his sister was not there, probably excused early from school due to what had happened. When he got home, he soon found out that his sister was in no trouble what so ever. Usually their father would give her a death glare and not talk to her for the rest of the day if she did something wrong, but today was something much different. He praised her for her act of self defense and even progressed in saying he was proud of her even though she was suspended for a week. Trever didn’t quite understand it but he just shrugged it off at the time.

The next day was like any other normal day. The kids easily forgot what had happened and were back to abusing him as usual. Mr. Valens had taken off work today to discuss his daughter's actions with the principal of the highschool, but as he walked through the halls, he discretely took note of his sons surroundings the whole time, knowing something was up at this point when he first walked through the halls and saw some punk push Trever to the ground, and watched as the rest laughed at him. Trever didn't see his father at the time and he just got up and scurried away to his next class. By the time Mr. Valens was done with the objective he had came to the school for, it was the end of the school day. And Trever's father watched from inside his car, as his son was basically chased outside and then picked on until he was a good 20 feet away from the building. Mr.Valens had never noticed it before and was ashamed of himself really. It explained a lot of Trever's behavior and what he mistook for a quiet kid was really just a beaten down kid with low confidence. And he wasn’t going to let his only son continue to be everyone else's bitch. When Trever got in the car, his dad apologized and then stated that he had to go into work for about an hour and that he had to bring him also because he had no time to drop him off. Trever didn't protest at all. Anywhere was better than the school. But seeing as he had no clue what his father really did, he was kind of nervous as to what he was going to see.

NYC was intimidating enough with its huge buildings and what not. But when your father pulls up to a martial arts training facility, there's no way to really know what the hell is going on. That's when Trever told him that he owned this place and the four other branches that were located at key points all over the states. To put it simply he trained legit people legit hardcore martial arts. He guessed this was why the place was called 100% Legit: Hardcore Martial Arts. It wasn't a place where little kids would go to go from white to black belt in a few years, it was a place where those black belts came to train for events. Underground fighting tournaments to Olympic boxing to everything else fighting. This was the training grounds of true fighting champions. The place was much bigger than your average dojo. The halls leading to the action were covered with autographed pictures of people, famous and not so much, who had once trained here. Following his father onto the mat was probably the scariest thing to Trever. But from there on the reasoning for him being here became clear. Trever's father wanted to train him to become more confident in himself and ward off anyone who messes with him, just as he trained his sister to do.

And in just 3 years he had accomplished everything that he ever could have. He learned everything a black belt would in just one year, beat up all his middle school enemies within the next, and made headlines in news papers for fighting tournaments all over New York within the next. His confidence (and his ego) was through the roof at this point. And his family couldn't be any prouder. School was a breeze for the first time ever once he got into his freshman year of high school. He accomplished much that allowed him to earn the respect of others also. He was active in sports, he took part in the a big charity club, and he earned grades that he and everyone he knew could be proud of. But having a big personality at this point, he knocked heads with a lot of people and got into a lot of fights (all of which he had won). He was at the peak of his schooling career and he loved every second of it. The ladies were all over him by this point also.

At the start of the summer that year, he joined the Civil Air Patrol's cadet program, a program in which young people serve as the civilian auxiliary to the US Air Force. There, they are educated on the importance of aviation and space, and perform live-saving humanitarian missions. Trever, being older than the typical new kid there, had easily grasped all mechanics he had been taught and was up in the air soon into the program, even while he was in his sophomore year in high school.

But this is where tragedy starts occurring. Trever and his squadron was simply performing a mission, a few miles off the east coast, trying to scout out a lost civilian boat that had gone too far out and was stuck at sea. A human error in the aircraft next to him occurs and then Trever makes his own by making a sudden effort to move out of the way of a problem he thought was occurring that really wasn't. The movement takes him and the plane off balance and is too late to react, sending him spiraling down into the ocean.

Next thing he knows, he wakes up in the hospital a few days later and is told that he is paralyzed from the waist down due to his impact with the ocean since he had not ejected himself from the plane. This news strikes him hard and for the first time in his life breaks down crying. When he is taken home all his father says to him are disapproving words that strike him more greatly than the situation. “Trever, I don't understand what you were ever thinking. You were born to fight, not fly.” And from there his words never left Trever's mind. He never talked directly to his father again. Trever refused to believe that he really belonged in a wheel chair. On many occasions he tried to stand but ended up falling to the ground. From there, his mother or sister would help him, never his father. Trever couldn't do much of anything now, let alone fight as his father wanted him to.

But what none of them put together was that this was Trever's biggest fight to date. He battled so hard to just be normal again, even if the struggle was so impossible. Trever fought even with those odds against him. Later in his junior year, he went back to school. Everyone was shocked to see him the way he was and he ended up telling the story of that mission too many times to count in that short time. He was only pitied the whole day by his peers, literally and figuratively looked down too. He hated it. And that entire week on, all he did was stay in his room and lift weights and do push ups and sit ups as best as he could with a dead lower half. He never came out. Not for family or for school. Food was left next to his door and he'd take it when he felt he needed it. If anyone walked by, he'd pass an angry sneer and shut the door.

The rest of that year and another past like this. And one day he woke up and could walk. It was a miracle. An impossible one at that. But when he got up out of bed and walked out of his room, walked ever for the first time in years, he realized that his father was gone. He was missing from that day on. Sure, no one realized it that day. In fact, Trever couldn’t wait to stand in front of his father and just hug him. But no one had ever seen him since that day. His mother wound up getting sick over it and died later in the year. His sister was all that was left, and after graduating she went off to Japan to study there in order to get away from her angry paralyzed brother. He didnt blame her at all with the way he had looked at her. But now he needed her. At this point it was too late to continue his education in the states. Trever missed too much work. So after mourning his mother and officially taking up his father's business and fortune, he wound up in Japan, in a school where nothing he did (or lack of doing something) seemed to matter. He almost felt at home there actually. He couldn't wait to start.

Additional Notes:
-Trever knows two languages other than English, Japanese and Italian. His father's side of the family consists of a heavy Italian background, his own grandparents had moved into the United States form there.
-Trever first learned how to drive a car with hand controls, being paralyzed at the time. Before he drove a car, he was flying planes.
-Trever partakes in as many fighting competitions as he can, legal or underground.
-Despite his good looks and likability, Trever has never had a serious girlfriend. Just weekly, or even nightly, companions here and there to keep his bed warm and make him breakfast. Longest standing 'relationship' only lasted about 3 weeks. Heartbroken? Never.

Who did you PM?: Kuro Hatori

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Kuro Hatori
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PostSubject: Re: Valens, Trever   Mon Apr 02, 2012 11:59 pm

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Valens, Trever
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