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 Ookami, Luna

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Luna Ookami
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Luna Ookami

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PostSubject: Ookami, Luna   Tue Feb 28, 2012 4:25 pm

Application of Ookami, Luna*


Name: Luna Driee Ookami

Gender: Female

Day of Birth: October 10th

Age: 17

Height: 5 foot 5

Weight: 95 pounds

Class: 2A/2B


Casual Appearance: Luna has platinum blonde hair that reaches to just under her butt for the longest layer, bangs endding just at her eye level. Her body build is thin and short. Some even call her frail looking and should walk around with a sign saying' handle with care'. However that isn't like her at all. Luna's eyes are a dark blue that tends to looking into the very soul of those looking into them; some every said they could get lost in them. For her skin it is a fair soft looking color. Not pale, but not tanned either; something caught in the middle. For what she wears its mainly skirts that reach to her just about her knees. Other times, when it colder is a good reason, she wears pants. Her shirt you ask? Button up shirt with short sleeves (unless it's colder then long sleeves and she pushes the sleeves up when inside). Luna does wear a neck tie, but it's never worn right. Or at least it's always loosened around her neck. Luna also has a pair of flat black boots. The only time you see her in heels are when she has to dress up, and she never likes to do that.

Personality: Luna isn't quiet, not does she talk an ear off. If she hhas something on her mind and you happen to be the one to push her buttons the wrong way she will snap at you. She is one to not like seeing bullies. In fact if one is being picked on and she is around to see this she will snap at you. Its hard for her to trust people and keeps everyone at a distance. Her gaze tends to look so lost and sad, until you get up and start talking with her. Then she will harden her gaze and try and push you away. Needless to say that she has an easier time pushing people away and keeping them at distance then having someone close.

Likes: The Rain, lightning storms, wolves, water, the moon, and her music.

Dislikes: Bullies, super happy people, her father

Fears: The site of other people's blood, being thrown into a dark room with no way out and no help.


Family: She has 1 mother, 1 father, and 2 older sisters (Now dead).

Hometown: London, Egland

Past: Luna was born to a Japanese father and a british mother, which explains why she has blonde hair and blue eyes. She spent most of her time moving between her father and her mother's house. Her father was in a business of Women's Beauty and Health and her mother a musican. At the age of 10 she learned that she had tallent in her mother's career and wanted to just stay with her and was let to do as she wished. With her father having 2 older girls he really didn't take notice of Luna. However after the terrible car crash that killed bother her sisters Luna's future changed. When she was 16, only 6 months after her sister's deaths, the young girl was taken from her mother and moved to Japan to start learning her father's trade, which she aslo had a tallent for.

Additional Notes: Luna can sing and play guitar as well as write a bit.

Who did you PM?: Daemon Ariashi

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Daemon Arashi

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PostSubject: Re: Ookami, Luna   Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:57 pm

It looks wonderful! Happy posting~

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Ookami, Luna
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