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 Lefevre, Rei

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Rei Lefevre
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Rei Lefevre

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PostSubject: Lefevre, Rei    Tue Apr 10, 2012 7:58 am

Application of Lefevre, Rei*


Name: Rei Saoirse Lefevre

Gender: female

Day of Birth: 03/21

Age: 17

Height: 5'7

Weight: 110 pounds

Class: 2A/2B


Casual Appearance: Rei's hair color is a light brown, and she has hazel eyes, with some tints of blue and green. Rei has a slim build and a rather strong build with the sports she enjoys doing. Rei can be often seen wearing shorts, short boots, a barret (however yy spell those French flat hat things), crocheted black fingerless gloves, and a loose, off one shoulder shirt. Rei also tends to dress casually and artistic wherever she goes. What she wears mostly depends on what she feels like wearing. Rei wears Japanese and French artistic style clothing. Most of her styles can be colorful as well. She likes to wear a lot of colored bracelets, but not beady ones. Pastly, she rarel wears make-up and will only wear eyeliner if t suits her outfit and will wear make-up during formal events.

Personality: Rei is very amiable to people and is rather sociable. She is optimistic and multitalented, beig able to do many things in music, art, dance, and some sports. Rei doesn't liek to brag about it though. She is extremely loyal, unless you do somethig to betray her loyalty otherwise.

Rei can also be free-spirited, doing what she pleases whenever she pleases, but she is smart about what she does. Though nobody is perfect and Rei can sometimes be relaxed and carefree, sometimes being reckless. This can contribute to her brave and adventurous spirit as well. She is willing to take a stand and can defend her friends and family when needed. Rei would prefer no violence in a fight, but she can put up a good fight. Lastly, Rei can be rather humorous, always making people smile.

Likes: Music, art, dance, world cultures, some sports (Equestrian, swimming, running, archery)

Dislikes: backstabbers, strictness, pain, violence, liars/cheaters

Fears: lightning, separation (not necessarily loneliness but losing her friends and family), disability (loss of movement, hearing, sight, or speech)


Family: Alphonse Lefevre (Father), Yuna Lefevre (Mother), Noelle Lefevre (older brother), Rayne Lefevre (younger sister)

Hometown: Paris, France

Past: Rei's father was a musical composer for various films, concerts, and shows and started his own music business. Alphonse is pure French, while her mother, Yuna is Japanese Irish. Yuna was born into a middle class family, born in Tokyo, but then moved to Dublin, Ireland, and after college, she moved to France.

Rei's mother was involved in art and design. She did freelance designing for businesses and companies, from digital to studio art. She also did some freelance artwork and specialized in many forms of art. Her major art form she specilized in was painting and design. She owned her own studio. Her larents met one day when Yuna was hired in her father's company to work on certain designs, such as promotional advertisements for concerts, shows and films. Soon, they were married.

A few years later, Rei and her siblings existed. They got along pretty well. Since Rei wasn't born the oldest, she never had the pressure kf taking over the family business. Rei and her sister though, are expected to work under their brother, Noelle, and to marry with a family member of the owner of one of other comlanies to become associates and such. Rei often rebelled against this, while her sister would simply just agree to it. Eei believed in planning out her own future.

As they grew older, Rei's older brother Noelle started to alienate himself from Rei and Rayne as he started preparing to be ready to take over their father's company. Rei's only company was her sister and mother, since now her brother graduated college and had started ti work as an intern under their father. Her mother worked st home and had time wrh them, as she still preferred to do the designing part of the job rather than take part in business. Yuna would listen to what the girls had to say about their futures bt she wouldn't say much about the subject and what they should do. This made Rei feel like her mother wouldn't try to talk to her father about it, so that she could hopefully build her own future without any worries from Alphonse. This caused a slightly bitter feeling towards Yuna, as she would Listen, but not take action, although, Rei still loves her mother. Rei isn't upset about working under her brother, rather she is upset about her father expecting her to marry someone purely for business. Rei refuses to this.

Rei had heard about Ouran Academy from researching online about other countries. Rei thought it would be a good idea to study there since it was a highly renowned and prestigious school, for rich people and it had a strong academic program and good social and artistic features to it. Also it was close to some of her relatives she had contact with in Japan who have also heard of Ouran. Her father reluctantly allowed her to go, but Rayne wasn't to go, for her father knew hiw Rwi was like and didn't think she was ready for Rayne, a fourteen year old to be staying with a seventeen year old free-spirit. The next week, Rei packed her bags and flew to Japan.
Additional Notes: Rei likes to sing and play her flute. She can speak Japanese and French, and has just started learning Irish. Rei also specializes in any kind of painting and sculpture and usually does this, along with singing and flute playing, during any free time that she has.
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Kuro Hatori
Kuro Hatori

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PostSubject: Re: Lefevre, Rei    Tue Apr 10, 2012 11:50 pm

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Lefevre, Rei
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