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 Asuhara, Chiyoko

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Chiyoko Asuhara
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Chiyoko Asuhara

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PostSubject: Asuhara, Chiyoko   Sun Apr 22, 2012 9:58 pm

Application of Asuhara, Chiyoko*


Name: Chiyoko 'Chiyo' Asuhara

Gender: Female

Day of Birth: 5/20

Age: 18

Height: 5'7 1/2"

Weight: 130

Class: 4A/B


Casual Appearance: Chiyo seems to have what men, and the occasional woman want (most of the time ot her utter disgust). She's tall, but only just, standing half an inch short of 5'8". With a tall, slender body and an hour glass figure handed down from five generations on her mothers side of the family. What makes her stand out the most in her opinon, is her bright-as-fire red hair, it waves down her back in ruby waves, ending at the small of her back. Adorned into her slightly tan skinned face, are two dark chocolate brown eyes. Thin, but strangely attractive pink lips spread across the lower portion of her round face.

Personality: Those whom know her best can describe Chiyo simply as: crazy. Not in the traditional sense mind you, she's in her right state of said mind, but some of her actions make you question if she truely is or not. One moment she could act as your best friend, the next she could be colder then ice.
With men she can be very cold, but on some occasion she will let them have their fun. It is better ot be loved then feared she always says. But behind this facade of being a bold, happy young woman, deep inside Chiyo's heart, a dark secret dwells. The dark secret, of her bitter lonliness. With her parents never having time for her, and having been home schooled most of her life, Chiyo never had many friends. And now her heart clings to it's lonliness, and every night she prays she can finally be rid of it.

    * Dogs - Chiyo has a great love of dogs, mosty the big breeds.

    * Books - Books have seemed to be her only friends through out her entire life.

    * Music - Chiyo loves music, she feels it frees the soul, she can even play the violin.

    * Sweets - Like many of her fellow sex, she loves sweet things.

    * Plushies - Though she tries to hide it, Chiyo loves plushies of all sorts

    * Cats - Chiyo does not like cats at all, they never seemed to like her either.

    * Spicy food - Chiyo does not have the pallet for spicy foods. To add insult to injury, or rather injury to insult, she's greatly allergic to jalapenos, and breaks out into a rash when ever she eats them.

    * Being touched inappropriately - She hates having personal areas being touched without her concent. Do it on the wrong day and you may end up in the nurses office.

    * Coffee - Can't stand the smell, the taste, or the fact that everyone and their dog seems to drink it.

    * The cold - It makes her body hurt, and she gets sick often during the cold seasons.

    * Acrophobia - Ever since she was very small and nearly fell off the banister to her homes third story balcony, Chiyo is deathly affraid of heights.

    * Ataxophobia - Chiyo has a mild case of obsessive complusvi dissorder (OCD) and can't stand to see things untidey.


Family: Mother: Chieko Asuhara; Father: Daiki Asuhara

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Past: Ever since Chiyo was small, it seemed that there was never enough room in the world for her. With her mother being a famous screen writter, and her father a surgeon, they could never make time for their very own daughter. Being alone, it was all Chiyo knew, her parents wouldn't allow her out of the house for fear she could get hurt or do something that would take them away from their work. So Chiyo was home schooled, and watched as children in new uniforms would run by her window everyday. She looked unto them with a painful longing, for friends, for human interaction beside the house keepers and butlers.
Time slowly passed, and Chiyo began to feel something in the pit of her heart. Every year on her birthday she felt it grow, and grow, and grow, but she didn't know what it could be. The day she turned eight-teen, it finally surfaced: hatred. She'd had enough, and will never forget the day she left.

"What is it now Chiyoko-"
Chiyo corrected her father, folding her arms over her chest and glaring at him as he shoved himself out of his seat.
"What did you say?!"
"I preffer Chiyo, but you and mother wouldn't know that would you? I am tired of always being put last on your lists! I've lived my whole life this way I know nothing else! But today I put my foot down, today I am an adult, and you no longer have me under your thumb."
Her mother said flubbergasted, standing beside her husband with her hands folded over her heart, a pained look on her face. But she may as well have been making that face at a block of wood.
"No! I have had it! I'm not going to sit here and have my own parents push me away!!"
Mr and Mrs Asuhara exchanged looks, then looked to the table as Chiyoko sudenly threw something onto it. With a shaking hand her mother grasped it and read the front.
"Ouran... High School?!"
"That's correct, I've asked Daisuke to enroll me, he and Ayame are also my emergency contacts. You ask me, they've been my parents my whole life. Enjoy your selfish lives, Chieko, Daiki."
Turning on her heels, she walked away listening to the sounds of her mother beginning to cry. Only now did they see the wrong they had done? Seemed they now understood what it meant by 'you never know what you have until it's gone.'
A month later, Chiyo arrived at Ouran High School, and has high hopes that she'll finally have a shot at the life she's always wanted.

Additional Notes: Chiyo can speak Japanese and English

Who did you PM?: Daemon

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PostSubject: Re: Asuhara, Chiyoko   Wed Apr 25, 2012 3:51 am

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Asuhara, Chiyoko
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