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Based off the manga/anime Ouran High School Host Club.
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Please take a moment to read the prologue.
Welcome to Ouran! Please take a look around. Don't forget to sign up!
Everyone, before applying to get an Apartment. Please.
Read the rules all the way to the end.
Also, please specify the number of the apartment you want.
If anyone recruited a member please go click on recruits in the welcome box
or under Important Announcements (located in the New Students section).
All posted should be 15 characters or more. If not, it will be deleted! Please make sure that you keep everything pg-13!


 The OOC guidlines [PLEASE READ!]

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The OOC guidlines [PLEASE READ!] Empty
PostSubject: The OOC guidlines [PLEASE READ!]   The OOC guidlines [PLEASE READ!] I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 28, 2012 7:09 pm

The OOC Guidelines

This Out of Character Forum provides the privilege in speaking to other members, without role-playing. The OOC is used to speak of things such as playing a game or getting to know the other members better. Please do not role-play in this area for anything going on in this forum does not affect the actual role-playing and reflects upon yourself in real life. You are able to make topics of any sort as long as they do not violate our Rules&Regulations. If you are unsure of your topic creation please go over the rules again, otherwise the Staff will delete the topic if in violation.

{Advertisements and/or posting a link to another forum site is strictly prohibited. PG-13 Images only.} We highly suggest not speaking about your real name and age. If you are comfortable giving out your information, then you may do so at your own risk. Real life pictures are accepted.

*Warning: If you decide to post anything personal about yourself such as real name and picture, you are putting yourself at risk. Ouranation will not be held responsible for your actions.[/b]

OOC* means Out of Character.
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The OOC guidlines [PLEASE READ!]
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