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 Wakahisa, Haru

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Haru Wakahisa
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Haru Wakahisa

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PostSubject: Wakahisa, Haru   Fri Jul 27, 2012 1:55 am


Application of Wakahisa, Haru*


Haru Wakahisa


Day of Birth:
April 9th



55 kg



Casual Appearance:
Haru has dark brown
hair whose highlights shine brilliantly in the sun. The front has been trimmed
and feathered to frame her face, reaching just past her chin, and it grows
longer towards the back until finally reaching past her shoulder blades. Her
dark eyebrows arch thinly over her large eyes, which vary in shades of hazel
from gray to milk-chocolate brown. She has perfect eyesight but carries around
(and sometimes wears) her mother’s slim-framed glasses. She has full lashes and a small nose. Haru’s face still
retains its childish roundness, gently curving her soft cheeks. She readily
soaks in the sun and sports a smooth tan (though she pales noticeable when she’s
sick). Haru wears uniforms from the States and other business-casual wear to
school – otherwise, she dresses laxly in whatever clothes feel comfortable
(meaning, they don’t draw attention her admittedly nice figure). She’s on the
slimmer side of average, and has nimble
fingers that are perfect for her crafts and instruments
. Overall, Haru
may appear younger than she is. In addition to her med-kit, she now carries
around a box of Pocky at all times.

Haru is generally
reserved and plays the observer until she adjusts to her surroundings – but often
even then, she prefers to sit back and take in the world around her. Since she
usually sits off to the side by herself, she may come across as cold or
anti-social – however, Haru loves making friends. She’s an altruist at heart
and believes that ‘Living a life for others is more meaningful than living life
for just yourself.' However, the quote that 'Man's greatest fear is the fear of
being alone, and yet they make themselves alone,'

also applies to Haru. She secretly wishes to love and be loved in return, but
has convinced herself that she’ll be alone until she dies even as she brings
other people together. She wonders if maybe the reason she pushes people away
instead of bringing them closer as she wants, is because she fears rejection. For
someone who claims not to care about others’ opinions of her, Haru can be
surprisingly self-conscious and doubtful, but she holds back the negative
emotions and always strives to keep up her optimistic attitude. She tries to
see the good in everything and as a result, comes across as a bit naïve. Still,
Haru has always been calm and laid-back and handles serious situations with
care. However,
sometimes funny in that she notices the little things, but misses the bigger
obvious things, meaning she can effortlessly climb a tree one minute then hit
her head on a door the next.

the sky, being up high, cheering people up, nature, music, reading, art,
sweets, Green Tea (with Ginseng and honey), magic

meat, violence/confrontation, losing control of
herself, feeling useless, negative attitudes, black coffee

hated/rejected, dying alone, spiders


(Rei: deceased),Father (Hiroshi), Younger twin sisters (Hanabi and Hanako, 10)

New York City, USA

Haru's mother, Rei, was a very free spirited woman. She
loved to travel and do crafts just having fun. She loved to be around people
and loved the buzz of a city, so she settled in New York. Her dream was to
visit Tokyo. Rei met Haru's
father, Hiroshi, one night at a club. She'd been out with her friends whilst he
was celebrating his new title as head of a major real estate company (which
still keeps him moving).The two fell in love and, soon after their marriage,
moved in together. Not too long after, Haru
was born. Haru's parents homeschooled
her because they loved their daughter too much to let her go. Haru was a happy child. Even when she
was shunned at school for being homeschooled (she finally attended at age 8,but
was bright enough to catch up), she found happiness in her mother's piano
playing and talk of the dream city: Tokyo. Fueled by her mother's stories, Haru was encouraged to study the
Japanese. In no time, she became a fluent speaker in the language.

Haru's world was turned upside-down
when her mother died of an illness three years after giving birth to the twins.
Haru had been nine at the time.
Of course, losing her mother at such an age, Haru was devastated. But being the quick girl she was, she knew
her father would have trouble raising three daughters by himself, especially
when he began drinking. She found supporting her family more important than
self-pity. Haru did all she
could: She kept house when she was old enough to be left alone, and she raised
her sisters with the love and care her mother had shown her. Meanwhile, she
managed to keep her grades at the best in her class so as to not disappoint
Hiroshi. Eventually, Haru's
father announced that the family was to move to Japan.

Hiroshi conveniently got this opportunity with his real estate business. He was
elated to find out that it would take him to the place his late wife had never
gotten a chance to visit. And even though Haru was excited, she couldn't help but worry that this transition
would throw the family off balance again. Still, she applied for scholarships
to many schools in Japan. Several accepted her because of her high grades and
father's status. Finally, she settled on Ouran, because of the campus’
proximity to the twins’ school.

Additional Notes: Haru and the twins have been traveling
Europe with their father for the past year on business. Over that time, Haru
has grown fond of magic tricks and heights. Now that she’s back in Japan, she
may often be found in a high place during her spare time.

Who did you PM?:
Ame Hikari

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Wakahisa, Haru
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