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Based off the manga/anime Ouran High School Host Club.
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Please take a moment to read the prologue.
Welcome to Ouran! Please take a look around. Don't forget to sign up!
Everyone, before applying to get an Apartment. Please.
Read the rules all the way to the end.
Also, please specify the number of the apartment you want.
If anyone recruited a member please go click on recruits in the welcome box
or under Important Announcements (located in the New Students section).
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 The Road to Becoming a Successful Student

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Daemon Arashi

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PostSubject: The Road to Becoming a Successful Student   Sat Feb 25, 2012 10:14 pm

The Road to Becoming a Successful Student

Hello! Welcome to Ouranation, please to meet your acquaintance. My name is Ame Hikari, sensei of Class 1A, and my colleague (Daemon Arashi) and I are here to help you become one of Ouran Academy’s finest students. What is Ouranation you ask? Ouranation is an anime based Role-Playing (RP) Forum based on the popular 2006 anime Ouran High School Host Club by Hatori Bisco. The only difference is that this site is going to take place in the future, a couple years after all the original Host Club Members graduated and moved on to better things. There will be more exciting twists to the [URL to plot goes here] than the original story so please be sure to stay in tune by checking the [URL again] every time it updates because this is what we will be Role-Playing off of.

Rules, Rules, Rules!

Introducing, you’re Role-Playing Bible, The The Rules&Regulations. The The Rules&Regulations are made to make a safe environment here at Ouranation. Read them thoroughly and follow them because the last thing we want to do is hand out warnings

Note: There will be a quote hidden in the rules that you must send to the admin, Ame Hikari, before you can start Role-Playing. There will be a question when filling out your application regarding that quote.

How to get your Money’s worth out of this school

Well to be a successful student, we encourage you to participate in as many events as you can! It will not only benefit the site, but you as well! How? Well in numerous ways like attending class! You can refer to the class board as to when your classes are. Being the rich school we are *basks in pride*, you can get paid for going to classes. Just show up on time and if you get on our good side we might give you a little more. If you participate in events and contests, you can make money off of that as well! Want more money? As the welcoming letter stated, just get a job (For more information, please refer to the Employment section please).

What to do with all this Cash?

Wow, making your way up to a millionaire now. What can you do with all this cash?
Give it to charity?
Shopping spree?
No? Okay fine… but I know another way you can spend it. Going to stores and buying things. Think it’s pathetic? You can always spend it supporting other members with their shops.


Well, it’s hard to have perfect attendance but it’s understandable. If you’re going on vacation, in exam mode, experiencing internet problems, or simply taking a break from the internet and Role-Playing, that’s okay. In the OOC section, please most in the Absent topic stating the reason why you’re leaving us for awhile so we won’t get too worried about you.

Proper English Please!

We’re living in a world of technology yes, but when role-playing, please refrain from using any net-lingo! Use proper English like the top-notch student you are! If you’re from another country, please try your best to use correct grammar. We’ll try to help you as much as you can! We also ask you to ask at least 15 CHARACTERS (letters, numbers, symbols, etc) in your post or else you will receive a sub-warning. A sub-warning is a warning before you actually receive a real warning.

Problems and Questions

This dates back all the way to pre-school. Please try to be nice with each other. You’re an Ouran High School students! So man up and… erm… tell a teacher (Administrators)! If someone has purposely tried to hurt you OOC (Out of Character) or you feel insecure during Role-Playing, please take it up to us and we’ll try to help you in a calm civilized manner. Also, consult with us if you have any questions about the site! Don’t be shy; if you’re unsure of something, we’re the best ones to go too!
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The Road to Becoming a Successful Student
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