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 The Almost Perfect, but Perfect Guidelines

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The Almost Perfect, but Perfect Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: The Almost Perfect, but Perfect Guidelines   The Almost Perfect, but Perfect Guidelines I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 28, 2012 8:20 pm

The Almost Perfect Guide on Clubs

Interested in a club? Well, you've come to the right place! You're probably wondering, how do I get started? Well by reading this guide, this will help you know everything you need to know about the clubs here at Ouran High School.

How do I join a club?

Just like the employment section, there will be several topics of different clubs that you can choose from. Pick the club you want to join and post your character's First and Last name to sign up for that particular club. Some clubs might have certain requirements so please be sure to read the description of the club before you join. Please take note to see if there are any available spots open for that club as well!

Can I create a club?

Of course! Feel free to come up with any club that you can think of. All we ask is that the club is PG-13 and for you to fill out a form in the "Club Creation" sticky. Post your form in the topic and we'll make the club for you as soon as possible! For more information, please refer back to the Club Creation sticky.

How many clubs can I join?

Well, it would all depend on what your rank is. Depending on your rank would depend on how many clubs you are allowed to join up to.

New Members + Freshman: 1 Club
Sophomore: 2 Club(s)
Junior: 3 Club(s)
Senior: 4 Club(s)

Staff Members will be allowed to check in on clubs once in awhile so don't be alarmed!

Can I quit a club?

Yes of course, if you are not enjoying the club, you are always welcome to ask the President (Creator) of the club to let you quit. We wouldn't want you to be unhappy in the club that you are in and besides, always good to broaden your interests as well! All you have to do is post in the topic of the club and post your First and Last name and next to it, "Quit".

Ex. Ame Hikari- Quit

No one is joining my club...

Aww TT-TT I'm sorry. You could always try to advertise your club to others. That could always work or you could post in the Club Creation sticky typing the name of your club and next to it, "Delete"

Ex. Kendo Club- Delete

We do hope that your club will be successful though! >_<

Can I kick people out of my club?

I would have to say no. If you have an issue with someone, please PM a staff member the problem and we will try to solve everything in a nice and civil manner. Note that this is RP, but even in RP, someone's feelings could get hurt. The worst that could come out of this situation is a warning.
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The Almost Perfect, but Perfect Guidelines
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