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Everyone, before applying to get an Apartment. Please.
Read the rules all the way to the end.
Also, please specify the number of the apartment you want.
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 The Employment Guidelines

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Daemon Arashi

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PostSubject: The Employment Guidelines   Tue Feb 28, 2012 8:33 pm

The Employment Guidelines

Money makes the world go 'round as some might say! And to get some extra cash into your wallet, you would probably be best off working at a job!

In case you may not know, the amount of money your character has in his/her's wallet (located on the left of all of your posts). Everyone starts off with $35!

To start off, you are able to open your own shops for the low, low price of $20! Any sort of shop is allowed as long as it stays PG-13 and benefits all members. You must PM Ame Hikari to get it approved of, and if you are interested in opening a shop, be sure to label the subject of the PM, "Shops" to keep things nice and organized!

Please go to this link for the coding for stores:

Here’s the catch, you can gain that money back really fast, and this is how:

If you own the store all by yourself, and a costumer buys a $10 item from you, you get that full $10.

If a costumer will come into the store and buy an item from your store/current employee that sold them the idea. Say the item was $10, you will get $5 of those dollars while the employee that sold it gains their share of $5 as well.

As a store owner, at the end of each week (Every Friday!), Please send in a PM (Naming the PM, "Payment" indicating who worked. Your workers will receive $5 every week for their efforts. You will receive $10.

If you're not interested in owning your own shop, you are able to become an employee of other shops! Just post up your character's full name on the shop[s] you desire to work in and you'll become one of their employees.

Your rank determines the maximum number of jobs you can have at once. Your rank can be located beneath your Username, in a post.

New Student/Freshmen - Max. 1 Job
Sophomore/Junior - Max. 2 Jobs
Senior+ - Max 3 Jobs

When an item is sold, the customer must fill out a receipt, which is sent/PMed to Ame Hikari labeled as "Receipt"

The receipt is as followed:

Store’s Owner:
Store’s Name:
Item(s) Bought:
Total Cost:

Just copy/paste, fill it out, then send it to Ame Hikari.

Anything involving Employment and Shops, please PM Ame Hikari with the subject labeled!

Thank you!
~The Administrators
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The Employment Guidelines
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