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 How to Earn Money

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Daemon Arashi

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PostSubject: How to Earn Money   Sat Feb 25, 2012 10:32 pm

Get Rich Quick!

If you look under your username/post, you'll notice that you have a wallet. What does the wallet do? The wallet shows your "Ouran Cash". What's Ouran Cash you say? Its like money but virtual. You can buy virtual items here and make your experience here at Ouranation more realistic. Everyone starts with $35 but you can get up to the hundreds easily!

1. Go to Class!

Being the rich school we are, you can get paid for going and attending class. If you're especially good and you get on our good side for the day, you can earn more! A regular class is $5, doesn't sound like a lot? Well, there are plenty of other way to gain more!

2. Level up!

If you look at the level of your name, you'll notice that you have a rank. Here's how the ranks are sorted by

New Student (no money)
Freshman (350 posts, $20)
Sophomore (2000 posts, $20)
Junior (3500 posts, $20)
Senior (4000 posts, $50)

Each time you level up, you HAVE to PM Ame Hikari (me) naming your PM "Rank up". If not, I may not read the PM until sometime later. If you don't message me at all, then you might not get the money you deserve; Sad face.

3. Participate!

There will be many events and contests that you can join throughout your stay at Ouranation. If you participate in them, you can gain up to $10+ dollars as a token of our appreciation so stay active! If you win a contest, there will be a prize/award. If you didn't win, that's okay! Better luck next time, right?

4. Get a Job

Its quite simple to get a job, just go to the [link goes here] section of our site and receive more details there.

5. Being Active

After a month, we like to reward you for being active online so if you're active, we'll give you maybe $14+.

6. Breaking a Record!

Yes a record! At times, we'll have a goal for the site like "When we reach X amount of members, we'll give everyone $X!" or "if we have over X amount of users online at once, we'll give you $X!"

There might be more coming soon so stay tune!
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How to Earn Money
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