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Based off the manga/anime Ouran High School Host Club.
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 Arashi, Daemon

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Daemon Arashi

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Application of Arashi, Daemon*


Name: Daemon Arashi

Gender: Male

Day of Birth: November/20

Age: 21

Height: 6'0''

Weight: 200 lbs

Class: Teacher of 2A/2B


Casual Appearance: Daemon's appearance is somewhat professional. He wears iron pressed, white collared shirts with a black vest pull over. He tends to wear 'holy' jeans on his days 'off'. His dress shoes consist of black converse. He wasn't the type of man to actually full on dress for the occasion of teaching at a high class high school. He was more or less like a person who doesn't about their physical appearance. Otherwise, known as, a rebellious teacher. His skin tone is a pale white but he is healthy. He doesn't look all icky and gross like most people do when they have pale skin. His eyes are a very interesting subject. He has icy blue eyes almost a soft grey. When he looks at you, it's a piercing stare. His eyes are accented by his strawberry blond hair. He isn't a ginger, that would imply the possibility of have freckles. He is mixed with Korean and Italian (He is also mixed with English but it has no influence with his overall appearance). He has long eyelash and dark eyebrows. He has the normal male physique. Semi-broad shoulders; long arms; semi-broad chest; long legs; all that good stuff.

Personality: He has a bit of a temper when he is dealing with trouble making students. He tends to yell when he is frustrated or when he is stressed out. On a good day, he is calm and collected but when he is with his friends (Ame, Kuro, ect.), he is a ball of energy. Daemon isn't shy. He likes to take things head-on.
He is very romantic when he holds interest in someone (Most of the time it's a girl). When he sees a pretty girl (all girls are
pretty to him) he loves to make them feel better about themselves or
just make them feel loved by him. He can be blunt
at times, but he tells the truth. He isn't afraid to tell someone he
doesn't like them or that they need to chillax. He doesn't like to fight, only when it has to come
down to it in the end. He is over-protective of Ame (childhood friend and now colleague).
He sometimes has a big ego. He has an
artistic personality when it comes to creating something. He is
sometimes cocky but he is very polite.

Likes: Candy, music, books, illusions, and charming people

Dislikes: Silence, being angry, getting behind on work, sports

Fears: Going blind, thunder, tone-deaf-ness, losing someone


Family: Father {Deceased}; Mother {Deceased}; Brother {attends Ouran}; Ame Hikari {Childhood Friend}

Hometown: Rome, Italy

Past: When his parents died he had been living in Italy. Ame and her mother
moved to Italy around when he was the age of 13. She moved some months
later. After being in Italy for some time he finally got tired of
staying there and traveled around to find Ame. He then found himself at
Ouran as a student where he found Ame. Soon after graduating, he went to college and became a teacher. He decided that teaching at Ouran would help him remember his old friends. After signing up to become the teacher Class 2 A/B, he was told that Ame Hikari and his brother were at Ouran.

Additional Notes: He speaks 3 languages; English, Korean, and Italian.

Who did you PM?: Ame Hikari

© Ame Hikari on Ouranation.forumotion.com

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Ame Hikari

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Arashi, Daemon
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