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 Hikari, Romero

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Romero Hikari
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Romero Hikari

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PostSubject: Hikari, Romero   Sat Mar 17, 2012 1:34 am


Application of Hikari, Romero*


Name: Romero Hikari

Gender: Male

Day of Birth: Nov. 16

Age: 18

Height: 5'9''

Weight: 179 lbs

Class: 3A/B


Casual Appearance: Romero is Ame's twin. Sometimes he is mistaken for her older brother because of his height. Romero's eyes are a bright vibrant blue that seem to give a glimpse inside his mind; possibly his soul. His eye color varies between a bright blue to a midnight/royal blue. His hair is ebony black with blue-grey hues. It's short and a little choppy. His hair is naturally straight but it has volume (only way I can describe the fluffy-ness to give a good description). His body build is medium-small. He was the sickly child when he was younger. His muscle build isn't all that great. He is fragile. His normal clothing attire is black pants with an assortment of chains, and belts. His shoes are black converse with red laces. His shirts are band T-shirts (all colors), v-necks, and black tank tops. He likes to color coordinate his clothes (he owns a variety of colored pants). His expressions are always soft and innocent.

Personality: Romero is very sweet. He wants everyone to feel and know love. Generally he is friendly to most people going by the statement
“Don't judge a book by its cover.” and implies it to the people he
meets. He rarely gets mad unless someone insults his friends or
family then he starts getting upset though he doesn't appear upset. He can be distant and quiet when he is with people he doesn't like
though that is very unlikely. Romero is happy and childish and likes to
cheer people up. He also is sarcastic and sometimes straightforward. Sometimes, he clueless and seems to know not much, but he was
consider a genius, or that's what Leon told him. He has emotionally issues, so he is never away from Leon but when he is, it's because he is with Ame, his older sister. He can be stubborn
and persistent if it's something he believes in.

Likes: Candy, music, animals, and the night

Dislikes: people who insults his friends/family and really bitter things.

Fears: Losing people who are close to him and the feeling of being alone.


Family: Father {Deceased}; Mother {Deceased}; Ame Hikari {Teaches at Ouran}; Leon Arashi {Childhood friend}

Hometown: Rome, Italy

Past: Romero moved around the world with his mother and sister when he was young, meaning he could never stay
at one home for a long amount of time. His family was originally from Greece but they moved to Italy when Ame was 8 (Romero was 6). At a young age Romero was very sick. He wasn't able to run around like all the other kids. He was always in bed or inside the house watching out the window. Ame would always tend to him because their mother was always out drinking. They rarely saw her. One day Ame came home with two boys. She was carrying bags of groceries and so were they. On that day Romero met Leon, who became his best friend. A few years later, Ame left with her mother, Romero was too sick to leave with them so he stayed behind with the Arashi brothers, Daemon and Leon. Years past and he got well enough to get out of the house and walk. Daemon left the two when he was in search of Ame. Leon got
tired of not knowing where his brother, Daemon, was. So he and Romero
began to travel around looking for Daemon and Ame. One day the two got
separated, leaving Romero in a strange place. He soon found a home where a widowed woman took care of him. She put him in Ouran and he wondered where Leon was. As soon as Romero was entered in Ouran, he found out that his sister, Ame, was a teacher along with Daemon. A few months later Leon turned up and the two never left each others sides.

Additional Notes: He speaks Italian, English, and Korean.

Who did you PM?: Daemon Arashi

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PostSubject: Re: Hikari, Romero   Sat Mar 31, 2012 8:32 pm

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Hikari, Romero
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