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Please take a moment to read the prologue.
Welcome to Ouran! Please take a look around. Don't forget to sign up!
Everyone, before applying to get an Apartment. Please.
Read the rules all the way to the end.
Also, please specify the number of the apartment you want.
If anyone recruited a member please go click on recruits in the welcome box
or under Important Announcements (located in the New Students section).
All posted should be 15 characters or more. If not, it will be deleted! Please make sure that you keep everything pg-13!

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 The Rules&Regulations [PLEASE READ!]

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PostSubject: The Rules&Regulations [PLEASE READ!]   Sat Feb 25, 2012 9:18 pm

NOTE! : These Rules are made to make an enjoyable Role-Playing environment on Interlacing Chains. Please try in the best of your ability to follow these rules. If you see any of these broken, please inform a Staff member.

Also know that this is an ANIME Role-playing site


1a. You can Role-Play however you want but we prefer to use description and dialogue (the type you read in books and what not). We prefer to Role-Play like this because it helps and benefits our outside lives. If you have a problem with this style, again, you don't have to Role-Play like this.

2a. Please be at least 13 years old when registering to Ouranation. Some material may not be suitable for younger viewers. Ouranation is not responsible if the viewer chooses to read the content provided on this.

3a. Please use proper English when Role-Playing on this site. Please refrain from using net-lingo (ex. lol, jk) while Role-Playing. Please try to be fluent in English as well. If you are from another country and cannot speak English well, that's fine, all we ask is for you to try your best to use correct grammar. If you are having trouble, please consult with an administrator right away so we can help you. Note that we might PM (Private Message) you if we are finding that your posts are difficult to understand.

4a. OOC does not affect the Role-Playing World. It is used for casual conversations and the only place where net-lingo is allowed. Please note that if the OOC section is abused and used for Role-Playing grounds, you will receive a warning. If you receive a total of 3 warnings, you will be suspended for a certain amount of time.

5a. Please keep everything PG-13. There will be violence and PDA (Public Display of Affection), but please use common sense when doing so. Please refer to the Sexual and Violent section for more information

6a. Please limit yourself from the Profanity. Swearing is allowed but please note that it can potentially cause a member to be insecure. This is mostly directed towards OOC conversations however, if a member is feeling insecure to what is happen to him/her during RPing, he/she does have a right to tell you so in a polite manner. If you fail to recognize their rights, then there will be a consequence


2a. Sexual Content- There are many forms of Sexual content. Please do not have an avatar or signature that is too revealing. If you are unsure of your signature, please PM (Private Message) any staff member (Naming the PM Signature/Avatar). Please do not have any "graphical' cybering. Another term for cybering is online sex. It doesn't matter what the sexual orientation is (We accept all sexual orientations here at Ouranation). We accept Kissing, hugging, holding hands, etc. Note that whatever you can't do at school, you can't do here. Anything else be done in PM or outside of the site. Do not advertise pornography on this either as well. That would lead to an automatic ban.

2b. Violent Content- Although Ouran will not have as a lot violent content, please refrain from Role-Playing with excessive gore and blood. If the material is, please use an [M] bolded or put it in a spoiler so those who read it will be warned.

Example Spoiler

[spoiler]insert material here[/spoiler]


3a. Please limit yourself to only one character. If you wish to have two, please provide a good reason as to why, and how it could benefit our site. If you have a sibling, please inform us or we will go on and delete the account. Any accounts that we have not been informed of will be deleted right away and you will receive a warning. Also, if you have made a second account please notify The Staff about it.

3b. NO GODMODDING . Godmodding is the act of being an invincible character. Note that we cannot all be perfect. We cannot all be extremely smart, extremely strong and etc nor can we predict something before it happens. We all have weaknesses so please try to apply that to your character to keep everything far. No one is perfect in real life so no one should be perfect here either.

3c. NO METAGAMING . Please refrain from using OOC information or outside knowledge and apply it to Role-Playing. Anything you learn outside of RP cannot affect what happens in RP.

3d. Please be original when creating your character. You may not use a cannon character (ex. Tamaki Suou). This is a new generation of Ouran High School Host Club members and etc. so it would be widely appreciated if you didn't recreate the former members. Please don't steal ideas and characters from another anime/manga/etc. (ex. Ciel Phantomhive, America (Alfred F. Joans), Light Yagami). We all know that these characters don't exist at Ouran so lets keep them in their original sources. If you do create a character like this, we will ask that you revise your application.


4a. Please do not intentionally emotionally hurt another member or staff member here at Ouranation.[ This is mostly towards OOC conversations but if you are feeling extremely offended or uncomfortable in RP grounds, please tell the person or tell one of the staff members. If they fail to recognize your rights, you may report it and there will be a consequence.

4b. Please do not advertise your Role-Playing Forum on this site or spam this site with useless post. You may affiliate with us rather than try to be sneaky and advertise your site on ours. We welcome all kinds of sites to affiliate with us! As for spamming, we ask you to use complete sentences when role-playing and make them detailed. If you are making useless posts in general, we will delete them and you will receive a warning. If you see someone doing so, we trust you to inform us right away. Please make sure your posts are 15 characters or more, that includes dialogue.

4c. Please do not insult our Role-Playing site. Constructive criticism is welcome however, when it comes down to completely insulting the site, you are welcomed to leave if you don't like it. Insulting the general public (members) of our site is another form of insulting our Role-Playing site. If you don't like someone, please keep it to yourself. Note that no matter what we do, there will be someone that will not like us so just be the best person you can be and if you do hate someone, just keep it to yourself please.

4d. Do not insult a member's artwork, fanfic, and/or original creation. Constructive criticism is welcome. Do note that the people that do show their work online are brave for doing so, so please try to be kind and give a few pointers to them if you see an area where they can improve on. To those that show their work online here at Ouranation, please try to consider the advice that you are given. The other person doesn't necessarily have to be a better drawer, writer, etc. than you to give you pointers.

4e. This site has a Banning system. Do you see the Warning System bar when you post? Every time we give you a warning, we'll have to add to that bar and once its full (4 warnings) We'll have to suspend you for a certain amount of time. If your bar is Green, you are safe! If its turning yellow/orange/red, you're in trouble. We don't like giving out warning and suspensions so please use common sense. When you get Ban, we would usually act automatically usually because the deed was really bad and unacceptable here at Ouranation. Say its after your suspension, you will only get two warning until the next suspension. After 3 suspensions, you are banned from Ouranation

*In order to start role-playing here on Ouranation, you must read the Rules & Regulations. To prove that you did, please send the quote to either admins naming the PM Applications

"Let me get a good look at you; Ah yes. I give you my approval!". You can PM the quote to one of The Staff members.


Note that these extended rules are optional to read. You can read either one and get a sense of what the rules are however, we HIGHLY suggest you read these when you have time because it can save you from receiving warnings, suspensions and possibly a Ban from our site. We may have to pull out information here in our defense when a rule is broken. If you fail to read the extended version of the rules, we will not be responsible for it.

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The Rules&Regulations [PLEASE READ!]
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