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Please take a moment to read the prologue.
Welcome to Ouran! Please take a look around. Don't forget to sign up!
Everyone, before applying to get an Apartment. Please.
Read the rules all the way to the end.
Also, please specify the number of the apartment you want.
If anyone recruited a member please go click on recruits in the welcome box
or under Important Announcements (located in the New Students section).
All posted should be 15 characters or more. If not, it will be deleted! Please make sure that you keep everything pg-13!

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 Student Enrollment Packet

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PostSubject: Student Enrollment Packet   Mon Feb 27, 2012 11:48 pm

Application Template
Before you can start Role-Playing here on Ouranation, it is important that you
fill out an application for your character. You may start role-playing
once an admin has posted an acceptance post. If we give you a few
pointers to make your application better, please be sure to read that
and follow it or you cannot start role-playing.

Please do not rush the staff into reading your application
either. Your application will most likely be read and done at a minimum
of 1 day and a maximum of 1 week depending on what sort of events
outside of Ouranation is occurring and how much work we have on the actual
site as well. If your application hasn't been accepted within one week,
please do check up on us and your application will be done immediately.

Directions to Starting your Application:

1. Please be sure to read the Rules & Regulations before starting your Application.

2. Copy the coding that is given below.

3. Go to Pending Applications
and create a new topic. Title it your character's Last Name, First
. If you do not have a last name, that is okay however, please
follow the format. No ridiculous names or nicknames because it will be
filed away and alphabetized by your last name.

Ex. Uzumaki, Naruto

4. DO NOT CHANGE THE COLOR SCHEME or ANY PART OF THE APPLICATION. We will change it back and honestly, we rather not since it's very tedious, and your acceptance will be delayed.

5. Fill in ALL material. Make sure you type AFTER the codings such as [/color]
or [/font]. If your text appears white, then you are proceeding
correctly, however if it is some sort of different color, then it is

*Moreover, please delete all the Instructions we
have provided for you in the parentheses!! Be sure to also remember to
insert an image of your character in the designated area.

*Ame Hikari will provide a picture based on your character's description if you cannot find one in general or one you like.
Below is the coding that you must copy and paste into another topic.



[size=22][font=Courier New]Application of [/font][color=#2B65EC]LAST NAME, FIRST NAME[/color]*[/size]

[size=20][color=skyblue][font=Times New Roman]Identity.[/font][/color][/size]



[color=lightpink]Day of Birth:[/color] (Month/Day)

[color=lightpink]Age:[/color]  (Between 13-27 years old please.)



[color=lightpink]Class:[/color]  (1A/1B, 2A/2B, 3A/3B, 4A/4B; Please look at the class schedules before choosing.)

[size=20][color=skyblue][font=Times New Roman]Persona.[/font][/color][/size]

[color=lightpink]Casual Appearance:[/color]  (Be descriptive! Eye/Hair Color, Body Build, Clothing, & General Appearance)

[color=lightpink]Personality:[/color]  (Be descriptive! What's your character's attitude?)

[color=lightpink]Likes:[/color]  (At least 2-3)

[color=lightpink]Dislikes:[/color]  (At least 2-3)

[color=lightpink]Fears:[/color]  (At least 2)

[size=18][color=skyblue][font=Times New Roman]Background.[/font][/color][/size]


[color=lightpink]Hometown:[/color]  (Anywhere you'd like)

[color=lightpink]Past:[/color]  (What kind of past do you have?)

[color=lightpink]Additional Notes:[/color]  (Any additional facts about your character? Post it here!)

[color=skyblue]Who did you PM?:[/color]  [After reading the Rules & Regulations, there
 is a quote that you will need to PM to a specific admin. So who did you

[size=9]© Ame Hikari on Ouranation.forumotion.com[/size][/center]

Please do not post in this topic. All questions should be PMed to one of the Staff Members.

~The Administrators
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Student Enrollment Packet
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