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 Blackheart, Ophelia

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Ophelia Blackheart
New Student
Ophelia Blackheart

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PostSubject: Blackheart, Ophelia   Fri Apr 06, 2012 8:39 pm


Application of Blackheart, Ophelia*


Name: Ophelia Blackheart

Gender: Female

Day of Birth:June 7

Age: 17


Weight: 125 lbs

Class: 3A/3B


Casual Appearance: Eye color and hair color are dark brown almost black
Body Build is an awkward hour glass look
Clothing depends on her mood usually hair is teased or completely straight. She mostly wears dark colors with something bright or almost neon. And she colors her hair very often to match. Usually black skinny jeans and a regular stamped t-shirt with a pair of clean cut vans. When cosplaying usually is in a black Lolita dress with matching stockings and shoes.

Personality: Ophelia is a bit of everything. She enjoys her own company but can be the life of a party. She is gentle but assertive and aggressive. She prefers to avoid confrontation. Follows her natural instincts but doubts herself most of the time. She tries to keep a constant smile on her face even if her whole world is crashing down on her. She keeps her emotions locked up unless she's comfortable around certain friends. When she's out in cosplay she is the complete opposite of herself. She is smiley and outgoing and she stands up for what is right. And defends everyone when they are being rude.

Likes: hanging around Shiyuba with cosplayers Working at a family friends anime cafe. Baking to bring smiles to people's faces

Dislikes: Being alone and being stood up

Fears: being rejected, not being able to fit in


Family: Mother (who's a dictator), Father (who's hardly ever around), Older sister, Little brother

Hometown: North Hollywood California

Past: Born and raised in the art district of sunny Southern California Ophelia loved her life and her friends. No matter where she went she made friends and the best of any situation. It was only a few years after entering high school it went down hill. Everyone picked on her for looking different. Her hair color was too dark and her eyes were too scary. Even her family became distant from her. Novone wanted to be around her except those who were just like her. After taking the last verbal abuse from the cheerleaders of her school she dropped out. A few weeks later she started working at a family friends Anime Cafe where she could be herself. Saving up enough money she was on her way to Japan and has been living happily so far.

Additional Notes: Over recent months she has become really interested in anthropomorphacy and animatronic ears and tails. And with enough money hopes to create her own pair of wolf ears and tail even a full suit to going the community that accepts her for liking something so different.

Who did you PM?:Daemon Arashi

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Daemon Arashi

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PostSubject: Re: Blackheart, Ophelia   Mon Apr 09, 2012 6:57 pm

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Blackheart, Ophelia
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